Northwest Arkansas Wedding, Portrait and Dog Photographer

Wes Ryan is a Northwest Arkansas based wedding photographer, specializing in wedding photography, family portraits and dog photography. He is an active member of the Rogers Small Business Community, a proud University of Arkansas alumnus and available year-round for both local and national assignments.

Wes is delighted to offer complete wedding coverage for both traditional and same-sex couples in Arkansas and beyond! 

Northwest Arkansas Wedding, Portrait, and Dog Photographer

Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography at Barn at the Springs in Cave Springs, Arkansas

Available to Book Portrait Sessions in Fayetteville, Rogers, Springdale and Bentonville

I know there are a lot of factors when it comes to deciding on your portrait photographer. Am I available to book your portrait session on your preferred date? Are my photography session prices in line with your budget? Do you even like my hair? In the grand scheme of things, all of those questions have somewhat fluid answers. However, what may not be fluid is how you feel about the quality of my portrait work. To me, it's paramount that you love these images, because that is how I know you will love yours. So take a look, soak it in, and click one of the buttons at the bottom if you want to get this party started. If you've been here before and you'd like to book your next family portrait session, go ahead and shoot me a message!

Finding a Photographer is insanely easy these days. There are literally hundreds to choose from. A friend of mine, who is a well known wedding photographer based in Fayetteville, once told me that he had a list of over 300 names and websites of the local competition. So how do you narrow down which photographer in Northwest Arkansas is right for you? Easy. Just pick me. Kidding, kidding. There's more to it than that. Assuming you've found a photographer that fits your budget, who is available, the only three questions that really matter are as follows:

1. Do you love their work?
2. Are they reliable and trustworthy?
3. Do they care about your ideas?

If you can say "YES" to all three of these questions, the search is over! Of course, I might be biased-- I have built my business on being a YES to those questions. With this philosophy, I've been honored to grow and thrive as a member of the Ozark arts community. I plan to continue that growth with you— lovestruck couples, loverich families, and future friends.

If you feel like we are a great fit, please shoot me a message. I’d love to hear your story and be the one who captures it with a camera.

Northwest Arkansas Family Portraits

 Wes Ryan offers Wedding Photography and Bridal Portraits for loving couples throughout Northwest Arkansas. With affordable fees, a simple gallery interface, and comprehensive ordering platform, your wedding coverage is handled from start to finish!

It's always hard to describe my family portrait style. I rarely convert my image to black and white, although I do love the look. As I've developed my portrait style over the years, one thing is obvious-- I love colors. It's no coincidence that Red, Green and Blue take dominant roles in my images. These are the colors of my favorite things. The rolling Ozark wood in the heart of Northwest Arkansas, the coastal shores and desert skies that I gazed upon during a road trip across America, and the still-standing bricks of my past, present and future.

For family portraits, I suggest an outdoor location in Northwest Arkansas, such as your favorite park in Fayetteville or a downtown area like Historic Downtown Rogers. I know of many sites in Northwest Arkansas that are available year-round if you are new to the area and unsure of where to have your session. I have both Casual and Premium Family Portrait Sessions available depending on your needs. I factor in several different things when discussing your needs. Are there any elderly family members, or those who may have mobility challenges? If so, I have a few locations on standby that are easily accessed with no stairs or steep slopes. Are there very young children? If so, my locations will be free of hazards or major distractions that make it difficult to get a child’s attention. Are you bringing a pet? I love pets, especially dogs. Dogs are a part of the family and dog photography happens to be one of my specialties!

For Seniors Portraits in Fayetteville (or Springdale, Rogers and Bentonville), I have a tailor-made package that includes 3 locations, 3 outfits and 3 hours of photography time (includes travel between locations).

Every so often, I'm booked for commercial-use portraits. My rates for commercial-use images (such as for your business, website or marketing materials) are the same price as Casual and Premium Sessions, again, depending on your needs. Most often, my clients are owner/entrepreneurs of area businesses and local talent. I offer both traditional headshot photography with standard white and solid backgrounds, and creative business portraits that incorporate your company's mission and atmosphere. To learn more, visit the link below.

For more on my rates, visit the portrait investment page.

Northwest Arkansas Wedding Photography


My Approach to Wedding Photography

Real talk, photographing a wedding is serious business. I accept a limited number of bookings each year. This allows me to provide comprehensive and committed service to each and every client. Whether you are a couple seeking an elopement package, or planning a blockbuster wedding ceremony in Eureka Springs, my goal is to provide dedicated and personalized photography service to you. I’m going to be up front right off the bat, mkay? I was born and raised in Arkansas, but let me be clear when I say Y’all means All.

Now back to my approach. When I look around the market, I see all kinds of amazing wedding photographers— some I who know personally. If it’s a choice between them or me, guess what my reaction would be? Honor. What an honor, after working in this industry for over ten years, to be considered among such talent. For me, it’s not necessarily about standing out, but standing in. We have to fit as a client and photographer. If I’m not right for you, why on earth would I ever insist on your business? More and more, I’m seeing this attitude thrive in the wedding photography community, and it’s fantastic. With thousands of weddings every year, in every major city, surely there’s enough business for even the most specialized photographer. So to be clear— this is not me competing to book your wedding. This— my website, my business, everything I’ve built, is to show you what I see.

And, trust me, I get it. Photographers seem to multiply overnight. They’re popping up almost daily, telling the story of how they picked up a camera after working some really well-paying corporate gig for years and “never looked back”. Or how they’ve been shooting since ‘99 and yet their portfolio is exclusively on Instagram. Whatever. The thing is, I’m looking forward. I’ve been doing this since college and it still hasn’t gotten old. For reference, I was in school when D-Mac and Felix were playing ball. This isn’t some fleeting #adventure for me. Yes, I love what I do, but it’s also an actual business, and that means we are real people with real expectations. And for that reason, I keep things simple. I have one package and that’s it. It’s $3,250, and that gets you all day service, a second shooter, some other pretty cool things, plus your images. One rate for everything.

And time? You get the whole day. I don’t do this by the hour because it’s not like I’m scheduling anything else on your big day. I never double book a date, so I’m there from beginning to end. Even the best planned wedding can be delayed by bad weather, a misunderstanding, or schedule mishap. And if you've been in Northwest Arkansas for long, you know the weather here is a bit bat shit cray cray. This allows me to 100% prioritize your needs from the beginning until the end, without interruption. Even if you have a short ceremony and a casual reception and need wedding photography in Eureka Springs, you can rest assured that no delays will force me off the schedule, and I'll be able to arrive ahead of you to cover the bases. If you're planning a 250-guest bo-freakin’-nanza in Fayetteville, your wedding photographer has got you covered.

After all is said and done, your gallery is typically available within a few weeks. These are images that have been edited for presentation. You'll select your favorites and once those selections are fully edited, I make them available to you as high resolution downloads that can be printed anywhere, anytime, as often as you want, as big as you want. That's a lot of freedom. But don't worry-- I'm always happy to offer some guidance if you ever get stuck or have questions.

If you feel like this might be a good fit, e-mail me at or fill out my contact form. I would be thrilled to hear from you.

Visit my rates page for weddings in Northwest Arkansas to learn more about prices, put together a package, or reach out for booking. 

Portraits for Work, Home and Play

 Wes Ryan offers Wedding Photography and Bridal Portraits for loving couples throughout Northwest Arkansas. With affordable fees, a simple gallery interface, and comprehensive ordering platform, your wedding coverage is handled from start to finish!

You are:

  • A local business that needs professional images of your physical location for marketing materials, websites and social media networks.

  • A professional that needs headshots, or… Head Shots as in creative and snazzy portraits for your "about me" page, personal project, or lifestyle blog.

  • A small business with products to sell online. You need color accurate images of your products against a clean, solid white background, delivered quickly.

  • A model that would like to begin, update, or overhaul their modeling portfolio. Wes is an experienced styled shooter. There are some TFP opportunities as well.

Most "head shot" sessions take less than an hour, but can go for longer depending on the complexity of your goals and the location you'd like to shoot. Fill out the form below to reach out (these are sent straight to my email Inbox as HIGH PRIORITY), and let's have a conversation about your needs. I'm always happy to tailor a session (and a fee) that best suits your goals.

E-mail me at or visit my contact page to reach me directly. 

Northwest Arkansas Dog Photography


As someone who doesn't have any kids (yet), I proudly show my dog off like he is my actual child. In fact, dog photography is something I started a long time ago, on a whim, just to see what kind of fun photos I would get. I was already a lover of dogs, and photography, so the two seemed to go hand in hand. It quickly budded and blossomed into a passion I've had for years.

My dog photography sessions are fun and easy. I offer dog photography portrait sessions that are formal with regal backdrops, and at an outdoor location. If your dog is the sort that loves to roam around, I've got a powerful lens that can allow me to photograph from afar. Dog photography of this kind takes practice... if you've ever tried to take a portrait of your dog with your phone, you know exactly what I'm talking about! I work with dogs of all shapes, sizes, and personalities and my clients are thrilled with the results. Nothing is better than seeing my dog portraits posted on Facebook as their owners beam with pride.  I offer dog photography sessions in Northwest Arkansas, and for a modest fee, will travel beyond Washington and Benton Counties.

If you're interested in booking a dog photography portrait session, e-mail me today! My rates for dog portraits in Northwest Arkansas are the same as a casual session, and as a special bonus, you can bring the whole family along and make it a family portrait session for NO extra fee! If you need me to travel outside Washington or Benton Counties, it's just a modest fee to cover time and mileage--but I promise your dog portraits will be worth it!