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Styled Session: Glam Meets Retro

Most photographers I know belong to some kind of online forum. I belong to a few, including a group for Denver Photographers. It's a great way to talk about challenges and cook up ideas for our next creative shoot. It was in a national photography forum that I stumbled upon Arkansas photographer Erika Ryan. She and I seemed to have very similar thought processes about a lot of different things, and in spite of my sometimes crippling social anxiety, I reached out to her.

Fast forward a few weeks, and a plan was made. We secured Arkadia Retrocade in Fayetteville, Arkansas for the shoot. Shay, the owner, is one of a kind. Seriously a class act. This place is a dream for a birthday party for someone of any age. It's $5 to get into the door and unlimited playtime on all the machines. WHAT. YES.

Erika and I knew we wanted to share a theme, but take our own approach to shooting. The models brought their own wardrobes and we basically gave them two suggestions: Glamorous and Retro. We wanted big hair-- the bigger the better. Go crazy on the legs: short dresses, sheer stockings, high heels. The heavier the makeup, the better. Let's see blush for days and bold lipstick. The last thing we wanted was to look at the images after the shoot and say, "we could have pushed that a little more." 

We did not have to say that. Ho-lee crap, these girls rocked it. Also, I have to give a shoutout to Kimberly McGuire, our Hair and Make-Up Artist (MUA) for her ability to knock out 3 models in rotation while we shot for at least 3.5 hours.

I have to say, doing this styled shoot has woken something up in me that I haven't felt since I was a music and fashion shooter in New Orleans. I loved that work, but my experience and abilities have grown immensely since 2012 and I really can't wait to do more collaborations like this one. As I always say, the possibilities are endless. I'm reaching out to Denver talents and stylists to expand on this work, and while it's a personal endeavor, cross breeding genres gives my work a deeper gene pool. What I learn as a fashion shooter can be applied to my portraiture. The challenges I solve in landscape work can lend itself to my wedding photography business. This is how I stay original and keep things creative. Denver has so much to offer and I feel like I've only scratched the surface.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. 2017 is all about pushing boundaries for me. I want to step outside my comfort zone, create art and forge creative alliances with more talented shooters like Erika.

I was outnumbered, but if you believe it I felt right at home with these beautiful women. From left to right, Kendra Adams, Kimberly McGuire, Katey Wyckoff, Erika Ryan and Nicole Sizemore. Feel free to scan this photo a few times-- you may not be able to handle the sheer amount of amazing in a single pass.

Hit me up if you're a model, stylist, H/MUA, dancer, performer, magician, musician, or essentially any creative artist that wants to take advantage of a collaboration here in Denver, CO. I'm constantly seeking ways to push the limits and add new content to my body of work.

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