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Spotlight: Katie and Drew

Oh, Arkansas... My Ozark roots were nurtured last week when Katie and Drew let me join them out at the White River near Mountain Home. I was in the area visiting family and doing some work when I reached out to Katie. Our paths have almost overlapped countless times, but finally we had a chance to do the flyfishing shoot we spend months planning.

It's about a 2.5 hour drive to the spot they chose from my hometown, and every mile is pure Ozark splendor. While I was driving, as I always do, my mind reeled with ideas for how best to approach this session. It's been a long time since I've been on a river, and even longer since I've been fishing. Luckily these two pros had a pair of extra waders-- and even some boots. It's plainly obvious that I'm going to have to invest in these items for future shoots.

Nary a leaf left hanging at the end of January, but the river was low and the air was a perfect 60 degrees.  Above, Drew flips his line as Murphy the Trout-Sniffing Dog looks on. The scene looks a little dull because, quite simply, it was. Shooting into the sun framed up the haze beyond the deadened trees. Make no mistake, though: there's life teeming under the water's surface. I really can't wait to try this out in the Rockies. Now that I'm officially a Denver based photographer, I'm hoping to expand on shooting outdoor sports.

I know some things right off the bat that I want to do differently next time-- things that simply come with practice, like tighter shots, more details, and staying ahead.  Like Photographers and their subjects, fish anglers are constantly evaluating the water. Their angle of attack can change from one minute to the next. Perhaps a fly change (lens change), and repositioning... a lot. My main goal for this session was to illustrate the scenery with Katie and Drew as my focal points. You don't see a lot of faces in these photos because 1, I didn't want to get snagged by a 14 gauge hook, and 2, this wasn't a normal portrait session; This had as much to do with their craft as it did their personalities. 

The ever-loyal Murphy, swimming upstream behind Drew in search of Trout and other elusive forrest creatures. I'm telling y'all. Watching this couple and their doggie work the current was medicine for my soul. It made me miss having a dog, going out on the river, fishin', and that really nice worn-out feeling you get after hiking up a current for hours.

Mental Note: be more like these two.

All told, I'm very happy with the results. These two were phenomenal, and I'm really looking forward to working with them again. In the meantime, I'm looking for flyfishermen and women in the Denver area! Look me up if you'd like to put something together. Also, if you want to follow Katie on Instagram, head over and give her pics some love. Don't forget to follow Drew as well. He's got some monsters on his feed!