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Colorado Springs Roller Derby

Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? How about play a sport? I know I've fantasized about both. I always thought baseball was the most realistic sport I could play since it doesn't involve constant fucking running. If I was a superhero, I'd be a slow-moving private eye with a broken past and a soft spot for orphans. Obviously I would kick people's asses, too. Obviously.

But what if you could be both a superhero and play on a team? I suppose you could join a renaissance fair as a knight and do some jousting. If you're a NERD. Just kidding, that would actually be kind of cool. But still, you don't have a many options for your alter ego. You're either a knight, a squire, a jester or someone on the royal court. I mean, what if I want to be Batman, amirite?

What if I told you... there's a sport where you can take on any persona you want and join a league of extraordinary women (sorry dudes. you can be a referee though). There's a uniform, but you can rock out all kinds of sweet flair. You can paint your face to look like the grim reaper. You can wear a bandana like a frickin desperado, or even better, just get tattoos on your entire body. You've seen the header image, so you already know what I'm talking about.

Can you tell I was excited to shoot this bout? It's been ages since I've even seen Roller Derby, but my friend, GoGo Madness, got me on the guest photographer list for the bout between Castle Rock 'n' Rollers and the Slamazons last weekend... and it was AWESOME. I had to pull out a few tricks from my old prep sport shooting' days where the auditorium lights would go from a purple to green tint, and back, in less than 10 seconds. Those bulbs cycle bad, but I dunno-- it kind of works for these shots. I think I actually dig the warped superhero comic colors since it fits with my whole Baseball/Batman theme.

I'm definitely planning on a return trip to Colorado Springs (My photography business is based in Denver so it's barely an hour away). A few of the derby dames and I talked about some creative ways to shoot team portraits and I'm really excited to get that put together. I plan to bring my lights, maybe a dark slate backdrop... iron and chains kind of vibe. You know... "badass". 

By the way, if you're a derby girl in or around Denver, let me know. I'd love to do a portrait series and add it to a special collection on my primary website:

Just hit me up on my contact page or send me a message on Facebook.