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Colorado Springs Roller Derby: Part 2

Well, this was an easy one. After my last shoot with the Pikes Peak Derby Dames in Colorado Springs, I spoke with a few of the athletes themselves about the possibility of doing an extended project. Many were enthusiastic to the idea and after letting it gel for a week or so, I reached out to the team in search of volunteers. The project's aim is two-fold... to empower a women's sport beyond the stereotype of babes on skates, and to encourage respect by showing the woman behind the alter ego of her Derby personae. 

I work full time as a photographer in Denver, but since Colorado Springs is only an hour away, the Dames and I were able to create a timeline so that I can photograph each participant. Last night, I began the project by visiting a scrimmage bout and doing some prep work with their "fierce" looks. We all braved some nasty weather getting to the practice space, and after about 20 minutes of tinkering with my lights, the girls were itchin' to go.

Here they are. I would say I've got a pretty freakin' stellar group to work with, and I'm very excited to see how this project unfolds.