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Engaged! Brianna and Telour

I met Bree and Telour last weekend during a visit to Colorado Springs to shoot a roller derby bout. I asked a friend of mine if she knew anyone who needed an engagement photographer, and she immediately suggested Telour and Bree. 

Man, am I glad she did. Everything about them is bold, dark and sexy. I love it. Before the session, Telour (sunglasses) and I talked about their theme, and she said their wedding was going to be dark-- almost gothic. The pair share a mutual affinity for graveyards and cemeteries-- in fact, Telour proposed at one of their usual haunts.

Heh. Haunts. See what I did there? You're welcome.

Moving on. I knew I wanted to approach their engagement photos in the same style as their wedding theme. I mean, that's my M.O. Keep it consistent and give them what they want. Monochromatic is a given for a lot of these frames. But even the color shots are moody, desaturated... I thought about that show American Horror Story and some of my favorite vampire films, like Interview With a Vampire. I remembered the laced sleeves and pale scenes. I tried to offer a taste of that without going overboard.

The whole shoot took less than an hour, partly because it was really frickin cold, and partly because these two wasted no time at all getting into the scenes. I mean, really, the whole thing was so fluid and effortless. They made it very easy.

I'm really looking forward to hanging out with them again next time I go to Colorado Springs.