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Road Trip Panoramas: Mojave Mutts

It was a strange drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. First, coming up on Barstow I ran into snow and sleet, and the temps dropped to around 25 degrees in some parts. A bit unexpected for southern California, but mountains have a funny way of turning a climate upside down. During one of my detours, I ran into a gentleman parked on the side of a desert road-- parts of which were completely overrun with bowls of sand-- and his three dogs.

Naturally, I asked if I could shoot a few images before I headed back to the interstate.

It worked out really well, lighting-wise. The sunset photo from my last blog actually came from the same rock castle as the one in this series. 

Snow-white against the beige sand. What better way to show the expanse of the desert than with a four-legged creature to show scale? 

He did his best to avoid bombing my shots, but I actually framed him in on purpose-- the interaction between him and the Boston Terrier is too good to crop. 

Reframed slightly, with the gentleman out of the scene, the little boston with his frog feet finally glanced at me. I love how the warm light paints him from the left.

My favorite image- the white mix breed barked at me pretty much the whole time, while the Pomeranian and Boston seemed ambivalent. I've joked that this image makes them look like they're about to drop the hottest album of 2017. Ah-woooooo! Yea!