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Road Trip Panoramas: San Francisco

After Mount Shasta, I was definitely ready for more urban scenes. Luckily, my good friend Gabe offered me a spot at his dinner table on Thanksgiving. Gabe and his fiancee Sahar just got engaged, so this was also a chance for us to do a little wedding talk and catch up on life in general. While they prepared Thanksgiving dinner, I managed to do a little sight seeing down at the San Francisco Wharf.

Thanksgiving morning started with a sunrise photo from atop Twin Peaks. This one is a composite of about 40 images stitched together. Notice the rain storm creeping in from the left.

Another panoramic taken about 45 minutes after sunup. It was actually much darker than this, but I intentionally overexposed my shots to get traffic lights leading into the downtown area. 

Pier 39 is famous for a floating island of sea lions. The city has a long history of preserving this space for them, and normally they number in the hundreds. I feel like the father in the above shot is a little disappointed. They might have been expecting more, or at least for the sea lions to be a lot closer. Below is a shot I took in October 2015 that gives a much better sense of this colony's population. 

I can't help but notice how proud that bull looks. Even better is the fact that he seems to overlook a several dozen cows, all seemingly at peace with his close protection. I imagine him thinking to himself, "Rest well, my babies. Tonight, we gonna party."

My next stop was the Center Stage on Pier 39. This pup seemed to be mesmerized by the show on stage, performed by the one and only Bob. There's really not much to add except that the show was brilliant and Bob's comedy actually made me lose composure more than once. The best line? "Throw me the baby."

My next stop would be Los Angeles, but I didn't do any noteworthy photography on that segment, partly because I needed to get some miles behind me and partly because the weather was just so bleh. But fear not, in my next post, I shot some really cool scenes during the trip from LA to Las Vegas, and even met a random dude with his 3 dogs out in the middle of the Mojave Desert.