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Wes Ryan is a Northwest Arkansas based portrait and wedding photographer specializing in professionals, families, children and pets! Wes Ryan serves as a photographer in Fayetteville, Rogers and surrounding areas in Arkansas. Check out my photography blog, where I talk a little more in depth about my clients, the photography work I love, and an occasional portrait photography adventure.

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Road Trip Panoramas: Mojave Mutts

It was a strange drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. First, coming up on Barstow I ran into snow and sleet, and the temps dropped to around 25 degrees in some parts. A bit unexpected for southern California, but mountains have a funny way of turning a climate upside down. During one of my detours, I ran into a gentleman parked on the side of a desert road-- parts of which were completely overrun with bowls of sand-- and his three dogs.

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Road Trip Panoramas: Mojave Preserve

...But the vast spaces of the Mojave National Preserve on the southern California and Nevada borders really couldn't be framed by any standard image ratios. With winter just around the corner, the air is a bit thinner. Abundant fog in low altitudes and increasing snow and frost in the highlands act as a natural air filter, capturing dust that would normally create sight-souring haze. 

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Road Trip Panoramas: Cape Flattery

The real reason I made this trip was because I wanted to get a self-portrait that didn't involve a studio backdrop. I've taken self portraits before, but I wanted to create something that I feel like represents me. Not just, "I'm here next to something cool, here's proof!" But something deeper. Something that shows my passion for travel, for taking things to the limit while learning about and respecting the land and waves and mountains we live in.

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