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Wes Ryan is a Northwest Arkansas based portrait and wedding photographer specializing in professionals, families, children and pets! Wes Ryan serves as a photographer in Fayetteville, Rogers and surrounding areas in Arkansas. Check out my photography blog, where I talk a little more in depth about my clients, the photography work I love, and an occasional portrait photography adventure.

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Safety First: Dogs and Kids

Grinning with his eyes squinted, he seemed to be in heaven. I envisioned a child clinging to his happy-go-lucky neck and posing with this "lion".

That's when I felt a chill. At first, this seemed like an adorable idea, but after five years as a professional dog photographer, I have seen too many close calls that could have been avoided entirely because a dog was put in an unfamiliar and stressful situation.

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A Family Session at Home

...when it rains, little canyons form along the hill. We went outside to feed the chickens, and Emma knew the routine. She held the shed door open for momma and waited patiently for her to produce a plastic cup with grain and scratch. Abby handed her the cup, and Emma carefully grasped it with both of her tiny hands. Not quite having mastered the art of throwing feed, she took one look at the cup and turned it upside down. Momma grinned and rolled her eyes a little. The chickens are fed. 

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Engagement Portraits and Pet Photography

..."Ruby is a little skittish and shy at first," they said. The moment I met Ruby, I was greeted with licks to the face and paws on my shoulders in a beautiful puppy-hug embrace, which makes perfect sense to me because dogs are my people, man. Yea, that really happened. Look at this beauty!

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Willow's Senior Portrait Session

Now something important: If you remember senior portraits that were taken back in the day, they're mostly what I call "elbows-up". As in head shots cropped at the person's elbow, because mom and dad want to be able to see that smile of their sweetie who is growing up so fast. But here's the thing... shoes. When I shoot, I have this weird thing about making sure I have a few photos that show my subject from head to toe with room to spare. Why? Because, shoes, people. Not gonna say it again.

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Spotlight: Visiting Emerson

The best thing about growing up is that once you become an adult, you're suddenly entrusted with the respect of tiny people. Like nieces and nephews; in this case, my sister's first child Emerson. I love my brother and sister more than anything, but I actually love their kids just a tiny bit more (sorry guys). 

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Family Photography in Northwest Arkansas

Katie and Cory have been longtime friends of mine. Over the years, I've seen little Kamden grow a very big personality through her mom and dad's Facebook posts. This was the little girl that dressed herself every day and nobody knew what to expect. I knew when they booked me to do portraits that this would be a lot of fun, especially when Katie suggested the Botanical Gardens of the Ozarks.

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