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Wes Ryan is a Northwest Arkansas based portrait and wedding photographer specializing in professionals, families, children and pets! Wes Ryan serves as a photographer in Fayetteville, Rogers and surrounding areas in Arkansas. Check out my photography blog, where I talk a little more in depth about my clients, the photography work I love, and an occasional portrait photography adventure.

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Styled Session: Glam Meets Retro

We wanted big hair-- the bigger the better. Go crazy on the legs: short dresses, sheer stockings, high heels. The heavier the makeup, the better. Let's see blush for days and bold lipstick. The last thing we wanted was to look at the images after the shoot and say, "we could have pushed that a little more." 

We did not have to say that. Ho-lee crap, these girls rocked it.

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Colorado Springs Roller Derby: Part 2

After my last shoot with the Pikes Peak Derby Dames in Colorado Springs, I spoke with a few of the athletes themselves about the possibility of doing an extended project. Many were enthusiastic to the idea and after letting it gel for a week or so, I reached out to the team in search of volunteers. The project's aim is two-fold... to empower a women's sport beyond the stereotype of babes on skates, and to encourage respect by showing the woman behind the alter ego of her Derby personae. 

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A Family Session at Home

...when it rains, little canyons form along the hill. We went outside to feed the chickens, and Emma knew the routine. She held the shed door open for momma and waited patiently for her to produce a plastic cup with grain and scratch. Abby handed her the cup, and Emma carefully grasped it with both of her tiny hands. Not quite having mastered the art of throwing feed, she took one look at the cup and turned it upside down. Momma grinned and rolled her eyes a little. The chickens are fed. 

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Colorado Springs Roller Derby

What if I told you... there's a sport where you can take on any persona you want and join a league of extraordinary women (sorry dudes. you can be a referee though). There's a uniform, but you can rock out all kinds of sweet flair. You can paint your face to look like the grim reaper. You can wear a bandana like a frickin desperado, or even better, just get tattoos on your entire body.

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Spotlight: Katie and Drew

Oh, Arkansas... My Ozark roots were nurtured last week when Katie and Drew let me join them out at the White River near Mountain Home. I was in the area visiting family and doing some work when I reached out to Katie. Our paths have almost overlapped countless times, but finally we had a chance to do the flyfishing shoot we spend months planning.

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