Northwest Arkansas Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Basic and Premium Edits

At Wes Ryan Photography, our deliverable images are divided into two categories: basic edits and premium edits. Basic edits are applied to an overall session and correct for color, contrast, sharpness and lens distortion.

Premium editing goes much further, down to the individual pixel! We remove dust specs, clone out distracting elements, smooth skin tones, whiten teeth, brighten eyes, and so much more. The goal with Premium Edits is to provide you with a digital file that will produce a flawless print, no matter what size.

In portrait sessions, all images in your proof or preview gallery have received basic edits. Only the images you select and purchase as high resolution downloads receive premium editing.

In wedding packages, your previews are basic edits, and you receive a split of premium edits, plus the same number of downloads in basic. This is great for limiting the amount you’ll spend on your final selections and helps ensure a rapid turnaround for image delivery.

Wes Ryan's Editing Styles: Original | Basic | Premium

Original, straight out of the camera.


Basic retouching. Includes toning, color corrections and minor sharpening for better prints.


Premium Editing - Includes Spot Removal, Eye brightening and pupil saturation, selective toning (hot spots), advanced sharpening and selective cloning (flyaway hair).