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Rates for Northwest Arkansas Dog Portraits

Wes Ryan offers Dog and Pet Portrait Photography in Northwest Arkansas. Sessions start at $95 for a one-hour sitting and include a proof gallery for clients to select their favorite images. Full-resolution downloads are available for $10 each.

Northwest Arkansas Dog Photography and Dog Portraits

Northwest Arkansas Dog Photographer

Northwest Arkansas Dog Portrait Photographer

$95 Nonrefundable Deposit for a 1-Hour Session in Fayetteville.
Modest Travel fees apply for dog portrait sessions 10+ miles from Northwest Arkansas.

Post-session, all quality images receive light editing and are uploaded to your personal gallery. The Client may select any number of high-resolution images from their dog portrait session for only $10 or $25 per edited, digital image. An invoice is sent and once paid, a PIN code releases the selected images for download to your personal computer.

Files may be taken to any photo refinisher for printing, as large as you like, as often as you like. When you order at least 10 images, your gallery will remain active for 6 months, allowing you to return and purchase more if you wish to spread out the cost of your pet photography investment.

Serving The I-49 Corridor from Fayetteville to Bentonville and neighboring cities, Wes Ryan offers Northwest Arkansas Dog Portrait Sessions starting at a $95 non-refundable deposit, and $10 per digital 8x10 or $25 per high resolution. Modest travel fees may apply for locations outside the Northwest Arkansas urban area. Dog Photography is fun and affordable way to create lasting memories of your best friend. It’s a wonderful gift for your loves ones, especially if their canine is a little long in the tooth.

For more information, continue on this page. For availability, special requests, and booking, contact Wes Ryan at or call/text 479-799-4333.

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Rarely are dogs born with the sight training of a K-9 Officer. I have photographed dozens and possibly hundreds of different breeds and mixes. In fact, I love trying to guess what a mutt might be. With the rise in rescues and adoptions, you can imagine my delight when I meet a new fur friend that gets the love and care they deserve. As such, I've built a tailored approach based on experience for dogs of different sizes, personalities and demeanors. Not to mention, thanks to having quite a bit of practice, I'm able to offer advanced retouching to create the best possible images of your pup!

My sessions are typically relaxed, but a little planning goes a long way. Dogs are just like babies. They can be just as cranky and fussy if they're not fed or if they don't get enough sleep. They can be hyperactive (more than usual) if they don't feel like they're getting enough attention. Some are downright disobedient if they feel ignored. I wrote a more comprehensive post about great ways to prepare for a puppy portrait session, but this page will focus on some of my editing and shooting techniques.

Jackie Sandoval of Fayetteville, AR and her beautiful Australian Shepherd puppy at 6 months old. Jackie and I performed one of their favorite tricks to get a mid-air photo of this adorable puppy jumping.

Jackie Sandoval of Fayetteville, AR and her beautiful Australian Shepherd puppy at 6 months old. Jackie and I performed one of their favorite tricks to get a mid-air photo of this adorable puppy jumping.

There's nothing cuter than a bouncing puppy. Take this 3-Month old Border Collie, for example. "Sit and Stay" are quite a challenge for him, but jumping? Nailed it! I intentionally approach this shot with the intent to edit out Mama's shadow on the ground, and her arm/head/shoulder from the sky. Once we're on location, I'll ask the human to position themselves against a clean backdrop (like the one above) because I know editing will be easier later on. The result is a clean image of a happy pup! Nice vertical, buddy!

Did you ever have that friend in school who, no matter how many times you were warned by the teacher, you just couldn't stop goofing off around? Well, a lot of puppies are like that. In fact, I bet you can't tell that this image is actually two separate shots merged together, could you? Sometimes that's just the best way to approach it. While the little one is off playing, I took a shot of the big guy, and when the big guy darted off, it was the little one's turn. In post-processing, I simply merged the two images and did a little magic to make the grass blend.

I think we all know this fella. As you can see in the image on the left, Dad has to hold his hind paw to keep him from rocketing into the wilderness. I don't technically recommend this, but his humans assured me that they do this all the time and he stays put. Since the background is relatively clean (at least the same color and out of focus), I was able to 'shop the hand out and replace that with the surrounding textures and colors. 

Hey! Did you know that Wes Ryan offers Family Portraits starting at just $95 for a Casual Session, AND, for Northwest Arkansas residents, your portrait session can include your canine companion for NO additional fees? That's because your dog is a member of the family, and I want everyone to be and feel included, even Fido. What's that? You have more than one dog? Three? Four? No problem. I do suggest having an extra handler come along that works well with your dogs, but I've photographed up to 4 dogs at once. Keep in mind, there's almost no guarantee that they will all look right at me with the same expression-- but so far I've been pretty lucky. I have an impressive assortment of funny noises.

Check out my family portrait rates over on the investment page and book your appointment today!

If you're ready to make a move and have some portraits that will last, reach out to me by e-mail at PHOTOLORADO@GMAIL.COM