Northwest Arkansas Wedding and Portrait Photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about portrait sessions with Wes Ryan Photography in Northwest Arkansas. This page covers the basics of Wes Ryan’s services, delivery of products, and style of photography.

It also includes information on the geographic range of service for Wes Ryan Portrait Photography versus Wedding Photography.

Toward the end of the page, there are some “LFAQ” or Less-Frequently Asked Questions that get into some unique scenarios. This is offered to help those who may not be sure how to approach their portrait session and to offer some unique ideas for people in complex families.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book you?

Booking is simple and easy. Reach out to me by filling out my contact form, try to include as much detail as you can-- which portrait session you're interested in booking, where you live in Northwest Arkansas, and a little information about your family: size, age, and style choice. The more detail you include in the first e-mail, the less back-and-forth it will require to determine when and where we'll have your shoot.

Once we've determined the time, location and style of your portrait session, you'll receive an invoice for the session fee (which acts as a deposit to reserve your session) and upon payment, your portrait session is booked! I use PayPal for Business because it allows me to attach relevant documents and it provides an official receipt of your payment.

What products do you offer?

Upon completion of your portrait session, you'll receive a link to a private gallery through a dedicated platform called Pixieset. Currently, all sessions fees are only for photography time and do not include any additional products. I have two digital image products available: an 8x10 file for $10, and a Full Resolution file for $25. Both types receive in-depth retouching to ensure perfect prints.

I've set it up this way to allow all of my portrait clients the freedom to choose as many (or as few) images as they need. Whether you just want a single, perfect family portrait to hang on the wall, or a collection of images to create an album, I've got you covered. I have found that 90% of the images my clients print are no larger than 8x10 inches, and very few-- maybe just one or two, will be printed large enough to hang on a wall. Medium resolution images can be printed up to 8x10 inches with no loss in quality, while high-resolution images can be printed in virtually any size.

I do offer print products, and I'm very proud of the quality and longevity they offer. Because I work through a professional color lab to provide a range of prints, these items are only printed on fine art grade archival photo paper. The image and print quality is second to none, and the higher investment pays dividends for decades to come.

I also offer metal and canvas prints. All print products over 8x10 inches are first delivered to me for inspection, and personally delivered to you. Clients may also set an appointment to pick up custom prints from my studio in Rogers, Arkansas.

Is there a limit to how many people I can bring to my session?

You are 100% welcome to bring anyone to your session! Just keep in mind that when deciding where to have your portrait session, I'll need to know how many people you intend to bring for photos. I have earned a reputation as a good steward of the sites that I use. Some are on private property and I am permitted to use the area by request. These are exclusive locations and I continue to maintain a relationship with my hosts based on respect and courtesy.

Also, sessions do have time limits, so with more people, there is less time for each subject. If your friends would like to join but do not want their photos taken, they are welcome to watch and assist-- but for the sake of making your experience as pleasant and efficient as possible for all involved, please instruct them not to interfere while your session is in progress.

What’s the difference between an 8x10 and Full Resolution Digital Image?

When I deliver an image to a client, the output file is a JPG. This is the industry standard format for print and online image use. I am also able to control the file’s maximum resolution, which determines how many pixels the image has. An 8x10 is delivered at 8x12 inches, or 2,400 pixels by 3,600 pixels. This means the image can be printed at full resolution (300 or more pixels per inch) up to 8 by 12 with no loss in quality. 90% of image purchases are intended for prints that are 8x10 or smaller. It is often only a few that are intended for sizes 11x14 or greater. For those images, I provide an additional layer of up-close retouching to ensure that there are no apparent flaws when it is enlarged.

The main reason I offer two digital product sizes is because it’s less expensive for my client, and because I save time on editing, which keeps my prices down. Rather than increasing my rates, I have simply made my process more efficient for everyone involved. That’s a win for both of us!

Can an 8x10 digital file be printed larger than 8x10?

An 8x10 print has 80 square inches of surface area, right? Going to the next size up, an 11x14, almost doubles the surface area to 154 inches. So an 8x10 with 300 pixels per inch that gets stretched to an 11x14 will have only 156 pixels per inch. That’s pretty flimsy— much lower than even newspaper quality.

So the answer to this question is technically yes, but if you want to print an 11x14 from your digital image… it’s best to purchase a full resolution file. At $25, it will still cost less than attempting to enlarge the 8x10 digital image and not being able to use the resulting 11x14 print.

$10 for an 8x10 digital image file.
$0 for the staff at Bedfords to try to talk you out of it.
$13.99 to print an 11x14 anyway.
$15 to come back and exchange the 8x10 for a full resolution file.
$13.99 for a new 11x14 printed from a full resolution digital file.
Grand total? $52.98